Frequent Asked Questions - The way to understand this website

What should I do if someone bothers me?

If a member bothers you by writing unwanted messages to you, do not hesitate to block him from his profile page using the small menu titled "report this profile", and report it immediately.

How can I delete my account?

You can deactivate your account or delete all your information at any time. Use the menu: [My profile], then [My settings] and finally [My account].

Why my account is not accepted?

This website does not accept all new profiles, our administrators refuse profiles with incorrect, false, sexual, disrespectful information. A member cannot make other people believe what he is not, nor can he appropriate the identity of another person. In addition, the administration has the right to refuse a profile for a simple doubt about the identity of the person.

Why my account was banned?

If your account has been accepted then it has been rejected, it is surely because you have not respected our rules and conditions of use of the site. Know that this site is followed by professionals aiming to keep this site clean and to enforce the conditions of use. You can contact the administration from the website using technical assistance: "orange face" at the bottom of the page. PS: It is forbidden to have more than one profile.

How to change my password?

Use the menu: [My profile], then [My settings], save your information with the green button. Please note that each change must be saved independently.

How can I update my information?

In the menu select "My Profile" then "Check my profile".

How do I delete my photos?

your photos can be found on the website in 3 different ways:
Profile picture: To delete it, use the menu: [My profile], then [My settings] and finally [My account].
Photos Albums: To delete them, use the menu: [My profile], then [My photo albums], you can then delete the photos one by one using the small menu located above each photo.
Photos sent by chat: You can delete them one by one from conversations.

How to add friends?

It is necessary to have a list of friends in order to be able to get in touch easily and not have to search for them every time:
To add a member as a friend, go to their profile and press the "add friend" button. Then wait for him to accept you. Please note: You can add a limited number of friends. If you reach this number, you will have to delete some to add new ones.

This site does not accept polygamy

We respect your habits, but we have ours and if you decide to join our services you must respect them, if you are here to find a second woman your account will be rejected, we then ask you to go to another site accepting polygamy.

How can I prevent someone from seeing my profile?

When you block an account, it will no longer be able to write to you and will no longer be able to see your profile. You can do this at any time from the user's profile page. Use the menu dedicated to the profile (towards the photo). Click on "Block this profile".

Are you receiving messages from certain unwanted profiles?

You have the option of making your choice and having it respected. Use the menu: [My profile], then [My settings], then "Selection criteria", you can then choose the countries from which you wish to receive messages and visits, you also have a large list of choices: choose desired ages, choose to be contacted only by men, or only by women, choose to be contacted only by people with a photo, or only by users with the highest trust score, etc.

How to install the application on your PC and your Smartphone from the browser?

To make your life easier, you can install the app on your PC and smartphone using the web browser.
For best results, we recommend using Chrome.
Then search for the “Add to Home Screen” button from your mobile browser.
Use the Chrome browser icon on the right in the “Install App” navigation bar.

How to add photos?

To add a profile photo, simply use the menu: “My profile” -> “My profile photo”. To add several photos to your Album, go to your profile page using the menu, then “My Photo Album”.



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